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Course: HPM
Name: Glen Jarvis

Many goals were completed through applying the planning processes and time management tools provided through the course. Having a technical background, I was very short on the soft skills of leadership. This course has greatly improved my relationships with my team, and our overall effectiveness.

Course: LMR
Name: Stephen Mamouney

By far the most engaging and enjoyable part of the course were the interactive workshops and our course facilitators ability to initiate productive discussions amongst the participants. A key part of the success of these sessions was our course facilitators ability to have us develop a strong sense of trust within the group and this led to open and honest communication in an environment in which we felt safe.

Course: TPE
Name: Emma Taylor

I accomplished all of my win win agreement goals which were based around confidence, delegation, time management and accepting and initiating change. The main success I have achieved from the course was the ability I gained to be able to take on a whole extra role in my workplace with little disruption to the rest of my job. Doing this I have increased my productivity and also the productivity of others by freeing up their time also. I found the course very enjoyable and there to so much that I have been able to take away and continue to work on.