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Course: TPE
Name: Simon Derrick-Roberts

I thought the most enjoyable aspect of the course was the LMA Communication Triangle model. Having the opportunity to discuss the learning outcomes and their application to my work place with all the learning partners was extremely valuable. I also found the learning materials provided to be of a very high standard. The major goals I accomplished were around developing my team and managing my time more effectively while still hitting my monthly income targets. My results demonstrate that I am the national leader within my organisation over the past two quarters. At the start of the course I was working 7 days per week, 70-80 hours most weeks. In the past month, I have generally not worked more than 3-4 hours on the weekends and closer to 10 hours on most week days, meaning 50-55 hours per week. My business has continued to grow steadily throughout this period despite the reduction in hours worked. Keys to this success have been daily disciplines such as the use of discussion planners and a daily imperative / important to do list and the development of a dynamic team around me. I had one team member and was introducing 2 more at the time and we were very much at the merging stage. I now have 5 on my team and I feel we are moving into the adapting phase. The team is also