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Course: HPM
Name: Paul Naulty

The ability to lead your change project which is an actual workplace project happening everyday in your workplace with great results for both yourself and company.

Course: MHP
Name: Leanne Stark

My confidence has improved in my approach to people, public speaking , training & in travelling My presence in the field is having a great impact on lowering incident & injuries I am helping the Supervisors achieve their targets from mentoring/coaching them My focus is on HPA’s – Through the art of delegation I have managed to empower others with tasks that aren’t High Payoff activities for me I have learnt to listen twice as much as I talk I am very passionate about giving positive feedback to people who deserve it -it is such a rewarding feeling to both give and receive positive feedback and can make a huge change in people’s attitudes. I am getting a lot of job satisfaction; I never thought I would say it but I enjoy going to work! I am confident about setting goals and achieving them no matter how big or small they