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Course: COL
Name: Matthew Patton

With a very large project and a restricted time for completion, this course really focussed my efforts to complete far more than I expected to achieve in the given timeframe. Product quality and release of a large number of interacting items has been a great success. The management tools have made it possible to release a wide range of products that are working very successfully the first time. The level of innovation is also a surprise, but also an expectation from within the course notes.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Gary Martin

I have the auto closer up and running everyday. I am able to concentrate on my HPAs with the delegation of work. Reaching targets with the plan most weeks which is up. I have finally built my deck which I have been talking about for 12 months

Course: SSTLS
Name: Timothy Jon Adams

it has made my work life so much easier using the tools from the course and most of my planning is done daily and I know what I’m doing each day.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Gregory Stanton

The better understanding of what it takes to become a better leader or manager within the work place The importance of developing a team culture within the work place. The main win win goal for me was in the first part of the course that I was able to develop a better team culture within my own work area. The main achievement for me during the course was that we as a plant were able to get our delivery on time over 80% for two consecutive months which I believe was contributed from by the guys in the plant working together better as a team

Course: SSTLS
Name: Stephen Reid

I found the interaction and ideas that came form the course most value. Hearing how other took the information and use it gave me ideas on some changes I could expand on with my own. mark gave great insight into how and why our development threw the course is helping our skill to manage our team and built future team and systems. HPA’S insight and focus goals played a big part in the biggest win win goal of getting the cb100 shoot up to speed and making the most of it was achieved Thanks HPA’S and focus goals.