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Course: HPM
Name: Aniruddha Tatke

the overall course was enjoyable. most of the aspects covered can be applied in my day to day role. it was an eye opener in terms of the things which you as a manager tend to neglect due to lack of time, that eventually come back to bite you when you are the most vulnerable. a special mention of our facilitator, Adrian, who was excellent thru out the course. his enthusiasm and exuberance made every session very interesting.

Course: HPM
Name: James Burt

I think that this is a brilliant course and is presented in a clever way. I like the way it forces you to look inwardly and critique the current state of your business, people and self in any particular module. I think that using the process of the win win goals supported me in achieving my selected goals. In addition it allowed me to see progress I was making (especially when things may have not been moving as well as I would have liked). Our company has befitted significantly from the win win goals but also from the fact that I think I am a better manager. I am more refined and have many tools at my disposal that I did not have at the start of the course. These tools are easy to use and very effective.

Course: HPM
Name: Ioan Cristian (Chris) Zota

It was a great course especially because we were able to implement any new strategy into our work place straight away. Good team work environment and those role play activities are an extraordinary experience. I have improved my time management skills but I am well aware that there is a long way to go to achieve a complete control over. I became more confident on my skills and abilities, I am more relaxed when doing public speaking.