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Course: COL
Name: Dean Symes

working with the other course participants was a great way of learning from each other. the course has definitely improved my management skills. by achieving my focus goals and completing the workplace project

Course: LMR
Name: Gary Cribb

I loved that the learning process was very easy to pick up again. Had been years sine I had studied in the class room style. It was an awesome environment to learn in! Great training and support! Very positive all round! Has help me in my management style and also helped greatly in my home life!

Course: SSTLS
Name: Martin Holmes

the most enjoyable aspects about the course were listening to other members on the course and how different tools in the modules were used differently and different perspectives of other people trying to achieve there work related goals, the group were very good to work with. Clint helped everybody and kept a open mind on everyone’s point of view, I have achieved a few of my win win goals through better time utilisation ,delegating and prioritising and hope to achieve more goals using these methods I also found developing and empowering teams a must and will use my time to achieve this in the future ,I’ve also started to avoid distractions plan more and be involved in more meetings with my manager

Course: SSTLS
Name: Luke Nimmett

the way I interact with team members