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Course: TSE
Name: Matthew Simmonds

-Setting Goals has made a big impact in my every day life, personal and business. -Have a above the line attitude -Being more goal directed -Win, win goals are 95% done but still on going to the end FY2014 -Time management -Knowing what are my HPAs are

Course: TSE
Name: Jim Polidano

I found that at times I was becoming a little complacent and this course made me aware of that. L.M.A made me challenge myself. The goals I set helped me achieve my day to day operations by allowing me to call on more than my selected few. My call cycle was the biggest accomplishment that I have managed to reach .This made me aware that there are clients that are flying under the radar that needed to be serviced. By doing this my sales have increased considerably. The course also challenged me to ask more questions on site making me more of an order maker than an order taker, it really played on my mind. It was like if I didn’t ask for something more than the initial reason I was on site it felt that I was letting myself down. Coming off site knowing that I had an opportunity to ask for something else and getting a good response was a buzz