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Course: LMR
Name: Shayne-Marie Leeb

I found the JUST DO IT and the TELL ME ABOUT IT fantastic ideas which I am constantly using. The time planner, task analysis were highly beneficial. I found the class discussions interesting and beneficial as it gave me other people’s views.

Course: LMR
Name: Pierre Taddei

The group sessions were the most enjoyable, sharing information with other managers with different views and backgrounds. Win Win goals gave you focus and also financial reward. Got a better understanding of the values behind my own company direction. L.M.A helped me realize that Capral is on the right path with continuous improvement and training.

Course: LMR
Name: Thomas Tan

Archived some goals but am working on other goals.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Dane Fielder

I enjoyed the practical activities in the course, they did a good job of braking up the sessions.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Kenneth Hockey

I achieved half of my goals and also the course has set me up to advance forward with my career which to me is a really valuable set of tools