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Course: COL
Name: Peter Yates

to have the qualifications to back up authority when in the role of team leader, to have the responsibility of given tasks to complete by area manager/team leader, to act as “middle man” between team leader and machine operators

Course: COL
Name: Wayne Carmody

The course itself was enjoyable and it was reassuring to find that the methods and ideas I had for being a good leader were similar to those in the course. I felt like I was already on the right track so this made the course a little easier for myself.

Course: COL
Name: Matthew Bunt

Through participating in the course I have gained much insight into the challenges leaders face on a day to day basis in the current modern day work environment. I have been able to easily identify many of the topics discussed with my own workplace and leadership style which has enabled me to readily adopt the techniques taught during the course and incorporate them into my day to day work. By creating goals which not only benefit me to help out achieving my HPA’s they have also greatly benefitted my company as I am now a more efficient leader, have better time management, more approachable and more focused on the team and its outcomes.

Course: COL
Name: James McGregor

Thoroughly enjoyed this course John Menz was a fantastic coach. The skills I have learned throughout this course has given me a great amount of confidence to hopefully go on to bigger and better things. As a football coach these skills I have acquired have been a huge benefit and have been noticed by my team in a positive way