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Course: TPE
Name: Mary Karras

The entire LMA process is aimed at achieving success. The supportive coaching and mentoring model provided challenges and deep thinking, particularly around key ideas on goal setting, communication, time management, team building and performance. Despite the diversity of the group there were practical applications that suited most workplaces and the course mentor and coach provided the immediate feedback necessary for me to reflect and make changes. The availability of the LMA tools were a huge benefit as they provided practical solutions to issues in the workplace. The outcome of the course for me was the shift in my behaviours, attitudes and work habits. I developed greater confidence as I was able to fine tune my existing skills as well as learn a new set of skills. All this helped me to focus more on my HPA’s and a greater return on investment. It has been a journey in self discovery and as a leader I now feel I have the performance edge over my colleagues.

Course: TPE
Name: Peter Holmes

My success have been around the following being able : To work smarter Become sharper analytically Achieve results Make the tough decisions Challenge others to do better Know myself Challenge my ideas and practices Provide tools to work smarter. The above achievements were made through the modules, workshops & interactions and supported by my coach & mentor.