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Course: COL
Name: Trisha McCoy

This course was very helpful in my path to becoming a true leader, LMA facilitators and coaches are always happy to help and have done the courses themselves. I have taken a lot of the tools and forms and use them on a day to day basis in my workplace.

Course: TPE
Name: Peter Antoniadis

Since participating in this course I have realised that my experience and knowledge has been wasted, and that my value to the company has been underutilised. By keeping a record of my time utilisation over a 3 day period, I have been able to summarise my results and identify that the majority of my time was spent on low payoff activities. By accomplishing a win-win goal and reviewing and delegating these low payoff activities to other team members, these low payoff activities are at present being performed for less cost and as part of their training and development. To my surprise my team welcomed the extra responsibility with a positive attitude, showing enhanced performance and improved self esteem. The extra time know available to me enables me to plan and prioritise my time and most importantly identify and create HPAs. Utilising my extra time more effectively has allowed me to set SMART goals to form a basis for action to achieve these HPAs. Visualising that a goal is achievable, focuses my attention, increases my desire and intensifies my belief, confidence and commitment. The phrase “But a man’s reach should exceed his grasp” is now my daily affirmation. Communicating the importance of the value of my time over to my team members whose cooperation and support I need is critical to the success of the company. By improving my communication skills with my team members I will be able to raise morale, increase performance and most importantly achieve the company‚Äôs goals and priorities.