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Course: HPM
Name: Paul Kelly

While I have been in management supervisory roles for some time, this course has given me a new level of confidence and energy. I am far better focussed, organised and effective both professionally and personally. This has been a huge benefit for me leading and developing an executive management team. I have a contemporary view of the organisation’s value proposition and vision and have embraced newer technologies for planning. I have a clearer and more confident view of my role and am better able to focus on what I like best – transformational leadership – I would not have achieved without the LMA learning process and Tania’s positive and enthusiastic support which includes a very high skill level in organisational management

Course: LMR
Name: Chris Jones

both personal win-win goals were achieved and my three business win-win goals are well on their way to being achieved, this was affected by me having holidays during this period ( one of my win-win personal goals ) but reduced my time to work on my business goals. These will be achieved but slightly later that originally planned. I found the tools supplied during this course to be very useful and practical and I am sure I will be using them from now on. The positivity and encouragement provided during this course has been fantastic and the fact that all of the modules are related back to your day to day work really made the whole course relevant. Thank you

Course: LMR
Name: Linda Maconachy

I found that with each module there was content that related directly to something I was currently dealing with so each week was useful and I had the opportunity to apply the theory in the workplace. The focus goals in particular motivated me to complete what I would classify as minor tasks but had big effects on my feelings of accomplishment during the week. I have seen an increase in my productivity, my thinking around issues, particularly complex people issues is much clearer.

Course: LMR
Name: Nathan Hardy

If anything, the course helped me to be aware of things I need to work on. Prior to the course I knew there were some areas to work on, but I didn’t know where to start. I feel now like I have the tools to improve aspects of my performance and the performance of my team. Even being aware of what I am not achieving has been helpful in understanding what needs to change and why.

Course: LMR
Name: Lucy Nicholson

I was really happy about the recognition of being selected to attend the training by my Manager and I can see how this will assist me in my role and also the leadership of our team/s. I really liked how the workshops assisted me to complete the course work and how the required work was broken down into the smaller more manageable pieces. I really like making posters and whiteboard pictures about our learning. I know that sounds funny but I do enjoy that.

Course: MHP
Name: Chris Jones

The beauty of both LMA courses that I have attended is that they are not theory and examination type of courses. If you complete an LMA course and you commit yourself to it, then the result of that course will be putting you in a better place in your organisation. The assignments are actually doing your day to day job, but in an improved way. The knowledge you gain and the tools you obtain are from you improving your own productivity and that of your team. Yes it will be challenging, but the benefit is instant for both yourself and the organisation you work for. Love it, can’t wait to complete another course.