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Course: LMR
Name: Joel Aitken

Had an overall increase in my time management skills, leaderships skills, understanding delegation and the importance of training. In the LMA course I have been able to accomplish a team restructure, increased use of tech in the team for communications and calendars, expanded the PHaMs service effectivity due to new skills in training identification and clear planning and monitoring techniques. Saved a huge amount of hrs. on being more organised on my outlook program, saved time in looked at new referral processes. Gained higher level of team respect through team building activities inspired by LMA principles. Developed new Tools for the team to use. I see value in each staff member and have tools like the motivation planner to expand on what I already knew about team members to help them reach there goals. I have also really applied the Above the line approach to Management. If the team is not working well look at Myself first. also by Watching the Facilitator in the workshops I have picked up presentation skills and pointers to engage a small group. I now routinely spend time walking with Charlie (Son) in the Mornings.

Course: TPE
Name: Cate Murphy

During the first month I accomplished my win win agreement goals, as they were set for the month of October. The following month I did not have the same success however the market changes and now I see a better way to frame the goals over quarterly periods to account for this. One of the best things about the course —aside from the content and the delivery was the fact that I was able to do the course with a co-worker and the course made us an immediate team—the effect of the course was potentiated

Course: TPE
Name: Amber Creighton

The Performance Edge challenged and changed my attitude, and allowed me to become a more confident, efficient and productive person. Being introduced to The Wheel of Life was a vital moment of learning and now knowing that having all elements in balance creates a life synergy.