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Course: TPE
Name: David Miles

I found the course to be of great use to me both at work and in my own activities. I’ve become more organised and I get things done quicker and more efficiently.

Course: TSE
Name: Nadia Rocca

As you can see from my ratings, I really did enjoy the course, for me the workshops were the best part of the course. Although hard to get away from the desk, once we were in the boardroom, it was a lot of fun and I found that’s where we got a lot of information. Forming a daily planner and identifying HPA’s (which I had not idea about) has had a positive effect. I find my days are much more structured. One of my huge (personal) goals for the year was our family trip to Europe (which everyone knows about!!) and also quite a few work related goals which will be on-going.

Course: TSE
Name: Daniela D’Angelo

I loved the workshops and with our Team it has made a difference to the way we work and the way we go about handling situations on a professional level. I have achieved quite a few of my goals and LMA has given me the confidence I needed and given me great structure with the way I plan my daily routine. My major goal with handling customer complaints I have benefited in more ways than expected or ever thought of. Our team goal was another great achievement and planning our fortnightly business goals has been great and all my goals have been achieved.

Course: TSE
Name: Richard Ball

The course was applicable to my role at CA. I can use the tools on an everyday basis. Was able to restructure my sales team territories. Set and achieve goals using the goal planner sheets.

Course: TSE
Name: Carlo Rossin

This course was great in that it has given me a whole new professional outlook in reference to what I do and my approach to sales & marketing. IE I am a much better person.

Course: TSE
Name: Julie Fraser

I really enjoyed the learning gained in particular from the workshops which were held fortnightly. Michael conducted all workshops so as to keep us focused on the topics at hand but in a manner that was interesting and entertaining at the same time. I took most out of these workshops. I am now confident in setting goals for myself. Before I started the course I had never formally set a goal. I have set many personnel goals that I have achieved along the duration of the course and will continue to make them a part of my day to day life. I am also setting focus goals in relation to my work which are helping me in my role. Presenting my sales plan to my group of peers was an achievement in itself, I had never done a sales plan before and it gave me great satisfaction to accomplish it and also to speak and present to my work colleagues and LMA facilitator and coach.

Course: TSE
Name: Bruce Nethercote

identify an area of the business to concentrate on having a planned approach both internally and externally to follow acquiring the skills and seeing them working acquiring new customers personal getting back into fitness spending more time with family setting my priorities in life