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Course: LMR
Name: Kathy Matheson

I really enjoyed the open discussions that we had in the work shop about how everyone else dealt with different situations in a non threatening and supportive environment. It was a fun way to learn and I enjoyed the different personalities and their different approaches. My confidence in the role has increased I feel now that I have knowledge to back up my Ideas I have the confidence to implement them because of sound planning and knowledge of possible outcomes. I also have now a great resource to use if I am unsure of how to go about a situation

Course: LMR
Name: Julie Wenham

Was very nervous about this course but have enjoyed it more than I thought and have gained a lot of self belief and confidence in myself in my role as Office Manager. I am now delegating more which has in turn helped with my time management and implemented some changes that were suggested by the team. The feedback logs are now also in use. I also use focus goals at home as well as at work and find that actually writing them down makes me accountable to myself. HPA also written down gives me more focus and helps with planning and setting goals.

Course: LMR
Name: Maria Rivett

Great learning new tools and ideas to use in the workplace e.g. Feedback Log, “Tell me about it”. It has made me a lot more confident and organised and a better manager. Thank you. Great to improve the workplace and accomplish some goals for my team.