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Course: TPE
Name: Debbie Thewlis

The most enjoyable aspect of the course for me was the realisation that I could make significant changes / improvements to my work practices and my efficiency by doing some very simple things. The measurable results are showing in my increased efficiency, including things such as : a) less interruptions b) more structured meetings, c) improved processes for delegation d) improved communication with my coordinator team. I achieved most of my goals – many of these resulted in improved efficiencies, processes and practices and also in increased delegations to my team. The increased delegations were implemented within the parameters of the principles learned in the course – and the results have been very pleasing.

Course: TPE
Name: Lara Tate

The challenge of having to look at your own performance and question why you do what you do and pushing yourself to change your thinking / behaviours / routines / habits. A lot of what we learnt I already had an understanding of it, but the tools that were introduced to me ensured that I had the ability to put a plan in place to ensure I achieved my goals. Really liked the imperative / important task list, the NEAT meeting planner and the discussion planners.