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Course: LMR
Name: Barbara Lovell

Probably sounds selfish but the course did make me take a look at myself, some of my attitudes and how I react when I feel team members ask me questions that they should be able to figure out the answers themselves. Tim tams The group of people in this course were very easy to work with. It is amazing that when dealing with people, no matter what the industry, we all have very similar problems and successes. Made me look at some of the tasks I have been doing, carried over from previous Manager. Stopped some of them, delegated other bits. The team members that were given the delegated tasks seemed quite happy to accept the challenge of learning something new. Practical applications of the forms that I am starting to use. Had a session with one team member who needs additional training to gain confidence in dealing with customers. -Using the goal planner with her and the person doing the training, came to agreement with what needed to be done and how it was to be done. Form easy to work with rather than just take scrappy notes, and the formality shows the team member that we are taking things seriously.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Katya Graham

I am using the total person concept more. some great tools have been picked up during the course. have had positive feedback from team members of win win goals achieved e.g.. turf maintenance schedule, chemical storage shed

Course: TPE
Name: Jan McCahon Marshall

Setting goals and realising that steps can be put in place and moved when needed. Setting up lines of communication getting to know what tools can be used. Information about how to delegate was very worthwhile. Putting personal tools together to deal with emails, calendars and to do lists. Knowing what my hourly rate is has made me so much more aware of what I am actually doing, what tasks I am doing, who should really be doing this particular task. I have introduced the discussion planner to the staff and looking forward to seeing how they use them, if they can see the concept beneficial to how they work.