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Course: LMR
Name: Karen Quigley

I accomplished all my business goals and had to postpose my personal goal. I enjoyed the process of actually finding new actions to my personal goal when I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet it. I have a great sense of achievement from completing my business goals and putting some of what I have learnt into practice in the work place i.e. tools and attitudes. I received an organisational award in December from the organisation I work for and it was a real boost for me- the course modules I had already completed by this time helped me to reflect on what I had done well and why I had been nominated for the award. It also helped to confirm how important staff acknowledgement is and feedback from my own staff (which is something we explored as part of one of the modules). Receiving the award was timely with learning how to enhance my leadership skills. I sincerely enjoyed getting to know the other participants in the course. It would not have been the same learning if we were expected to do the course purely on line with no interaction. Learning about other people’s experiences in a relaxed environment (and with an excellent facilitator) made all the difference and actually made learning fun! Great course.

Course: LMR
Name: Marlaine Lavery

I really enjoyed the course. It was an enjoyable part of the week and I met some fantastic people who shared their experiences. I was feeling really overwhelmed with my work load before attending the course. I felt that I was a poor manager and that I was not in control of my team. The course and focus goals helped me achieve some tasks that I had otherwise put on hold. Just reaching the goals helped give me confidence and regain some control. I feel that the new processes introduced and my new style of management has increased productivity and most of all staff morale.

Course: TPE
Name: Ross Buchanan

I enjoyed the exercises which made me reflect on myself.

Course: TPE
Name: Paul Foran

Great ideas and methods to assist with the enhancement of efficiencies and the quality of the service provided by the Department this will also assist with identifying opportunities for future practical system process improvements.