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Course: COL
Name: Tim Burger

I have learned a great deal from the LMA course. Some of these include: * The discovery and my use of Feed Back Logs. – I have found this to be an excellent way of keeping track of my employees and staying up to speed on their progress. Instead of basing their performance on 1 annual review, it is great to have informal conversations with them from time to time and be able to record things from these conversations. It is also a great way of recording negative and positive feedback on these employees that can be used in their annual reviews. * I have loved the way that the dynamic of the class has run. It is a fantastic learning environment and fosters a friendly, welcoming and sociable environment. It does not take long for everybody to feel comfortable. * I have felt more assertive and confident since completing this LMA course. I believe that I am developing my own leadership style and am looking forward to putting it into action in the future. * I think that Adrian has been a fantastic Facilitator. I’m sure that I’m not saying anything new, but he is a total professional. He has a calm and organised manner, but is also light and humorous. He knows when to prompt people to talk and share and also when to end a conversation and begin the talking again. One of the main reasons why I would consider another course at LMA is due to the facilitating from Adrian! Fantastic!

Course: COL
Name: Michael Lee

Paul T Johnson Facilitator , What a champion of a bloke. This course would not have been the same without you Paul. I have thoroughly enjoyed traveling over to Goulbun and attending the work shops. Thanks again. Would highly recommend this course to anyone.