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Course: TPE
Name: James Morrison

Lower stress levels at work Working within regular working hours Better organisation Improved communication skills I was able to successfully change the way I work by organising my tasks and priorities into manageable tasks. I was also able to successfully change how I use my time at work and ensure it is spent on higher value work. Generally, I have learned to work more efficiently.

Course: TPE
Name: Steven Green

Before I started the course I was very unorganized, had an untidy desk, and in general was not able to take things going wrong very well. In the last couple of weeks there has been an incident where a project was not given the attention required. I was the project manager and all things came back on me. I feel that I was much more calm and remained collected in one spot rather than being scattered all over the office. I now also have tidied my desk trying to only have the paperwork for the project I am working on, on my desk at any one time. This has enabled me to save small amounts of time searching for things under the mountains of paper.