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Course: COL
Name: Joseph Langley

I found class participation with people from all levels and disciplines extremely helpful and gave me a different perspective. The focus goals were an extremely useful tool for me and the most important lesson that I learnt was the importance of clear communication

Course: COL
Name: Mark Dyble

The course enabled me to structure my working day so I could reduce my work hours. My stress levels reduced considerably. At the end of each course day Kristina had removed my problems and given me my smile back.

Course: COL
Name: Brendon Watson

I learnt how to do a business case (workplace project) I learnt the importance of communication and its link to all other areas of running a successful workplace. I have learnt to delegate things and let go of the little things. I understand the importance of training and developing my staff both for mine and their futures.

Course: HPM
Name: Greg Cox

I have been lucky to attend three LMA courses now. Each one has given me insights and knowledge that have had direct influence over how I conduct myself both professionally and personally. Having recently taken up a new position in an environment which is very different to my previous experiences with Coffey I found that I have needed to draw on EVERY aspect of my LMA training to achieve the outcomes required; Team and individual development, leading and managing change, conducting performance reviews (I use all the LMA forms for these), having performance management meetings, the list goes on… At every opportunity I have ‘defaulted’ back to LMA processes and these have definitely helped me to manage the variety of situations which have developed while I have been here. I accomplished some significant professional goals – moving to Qld., taking a Training position, becoming Lab Manager, in fact, my evolution developed so rapidly that I think my course project got left behind! In terms of personal goals I have made improvements to my personal life, especially in terms of separating work from ‘home’ time. As far as measureable goes I am getting paid more (which is nice) and I do tend to record and document things more diligently now in order to measure results and outcomes. The course itself was great – Marty and Kylie are, of course, AWESOME!! and the other attendees on the course were positive and fun to be with.

Course: HPM
Name: Anthony Ryan

I enjoyed my time during the High Performance Management course. At the start I felt I was well out of my comfort zone but after some “gentle prodding” I was challenged to do things that I would not normally do and I found this great for me personally. As much as I was dreading it leading up to it I ended up really enjoying doing my first ever power point presentation. And I also enjoyed hearing the problems other people were having and what they did to overcome them. My biggest goal has been improving my time management and also using the tools to become a better manager by being a more active listener. And hopefully the wife has seen an improvement in that area as well!

Course: LMR
Name: Jackson Antilla

The biggest thing I have noticed is my organisation of things and ability to put more important things first, I have completed some of my weekly goals which were all good to do and beneficial to my team the coarse in all was very good learning curve for me really enjoyed it.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Thomas Stevenson

I am just allot more self aware of how I manage myself and those around me

Course: TPE
Name: Matthew Brighton

I learnt a lot about myself and what I needed to do to improve myself and my leadership abilities. I now have a better understanding of what my manager and the company expect of me in a leadership role

Course: TPE
Name: Tye Morton

The uses of time management, goal setting, working out priorities, day today planning using a diary, attitude change towards tackling obstacles.