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Course: HPM
Name: Timothy Smith

Being new to a managers role at the start of the year I was looking for a course that would get me in the right frame of mind and give me some idea of how to be an effective manager. From the start and right through the course there was a focus on setting and achieving goals. I am pleased to say that I achieved most of my set focus goals and am well on my way to completing all my win win goals by the end of the course. The win win goals and the course project have allowed me to update and improve procedures for the benefit of the Branch and the customer. The knowledge I have gained from this course has given me the confidence to manage and the ability to make effective change.

Course: LMR
Name: Denise Webb

I found that the interaction with the other course members was very good as we were a diverse group and as a result had a varied background with a varied focus on goals. As a result of this course I found that I can focus more on what I needed to do as a supervisor when dealing with my team and their needs. I have been training my team according to what I have learnt and they are stepping up to the challenge.

Course: TPE
Name: Susanne Woodhouse

Before starting this course I was feeling a bit low had no motivation and my work was starting to bore me. It took til the second week of the course that I felt a big change in my attitude and I actually felt like I had a purpose at work, by having goals and HPA’s it motivated my into organising my workstation and myself to have achievements, it’s great to feel so much better and go swimming at lunchtime.