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Course: LMR
Name: Fairlie Evans

Through completing the workplace change of activity and planning and implementing my win-win goals my time management has improved dramatically and subsequently has increased productivity with my HPAs. A lot of the tools have been beneficial and we have implemented quite a few in our workplace. Interacting with the facilitator and other course participants made the experience both rewarding and enjoyable.

Course: MHP
Name: Fairlie Evans

Many of the tools were very useful and I will continue to use them in the future. Doing this course definitely got me on track with regard to identifying my most important roles and learning how to prioritise, delegate effectively and focus on achieving outcomes . The workplace project was definitely my favourite part of the course. Although it took a lot of my own time and effort, it was so worth it!! I know that I would never have achieved what I did otherwise, it would always have been something I wanted to achieve but wouldn’t have.

Course: MHP
Name: Toni Simmonds

Love the face to face The facilitator is second to none I am now beginning the rest of my life: personal and career, at 64!

Course: TPE
Name: Ada Joy Murray

When I commenced this course my life was like a wheel consisting of many rusty spokes stuck and abandoned in a mud puddle on the edge of the road. I did not realise this until the first 2 weeks of the course when I started to analyse and evaluate the many facets of the wheel of life. The creating of goals and the steps to achieve them gave me the opportunity to improve in many ways. The workshops were fantastic and reinforced positive learning from the Cds. Each week I could see the development and growth of other students and felt that I was part of this wonderful process. Tania has the ability to enthuse, encourage, uplift and organise all of us each week and you leave the workshop feeling happy and ready to utilise the learning and tools from each module. I have achieved shiny spokes in the wheel of life and my wheel is now rolling forward to more and more achievements. Thank you Tania and LMA for assisting and giving me the tools to repair my wheel.