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Course: LMR
Name: Peter Sexton

Really enjoyed case study’s, I have come away from the course with lots of new Ideas via the course content and the interaction with the other students. The value of my time was very surprising to me and I found it really helpful for measuring my output into my HPA and LPA. Goals that I wanted to achieve before the course have now been implemented and realized as of result of the course. I have delegated duties that were relatively Low pay off activities and now have been able to spend more time on my identified high pay off activities. The change implementation activity was very helpful to our business as well as a worth while team building exercise.

Course: MHP
Name: Gaye Wallace

Learn more effective ways of becoming a strong leader. Better communication skills How important goals setting is for my organisation Training is an important part of the overall success of the organisation and the initial outlay my seem a lot at the time but the overall results will be beneficial