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Course: TPE
Name: Colin James

My confidence has grown greatly and I have learnt and gained a lot of useful tools to help me development professionally and personally.

Course: TPE
Name: Jo-Anne Scobie

Learning about time management, HPA, and how to delegate my workload.

Course: TPE
Name: Aaron Hagan

It took a while for me to get into the LMA way, as I had a lot of personal stuff going on but in the end I started using them as my 7 day focus goals and realised that doing a little bit at a time made huge inroads to where I wanted to go and what I was trying to do. One of the biggest things for me was realising what my Position description was and what my real HPAs were. After I did this I was able to see what tasks I could get other people to do for me to get the required result. Also being in a room full of others in similar positions to myself made it enjoyable and enlightening to know that you are not alone in the troubles you face in daily situations and having these others to throw ideas around about what you were finding difficult made it easier to understand and come up with ways of dealing with the issues.