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Course: HPM
Name: Ruth Duncan

The most enjoyable aspects of the course were to get to meet other people at management level and learn about their work and life challenges. I especially like and remember the acronyms used for some of the aspects of improving skill levels – these make it very easy to learn and remember. The most measurable results I have taken away from this course is to redefine some of the skills I already had, such as time management, goal setting and prioritisation. Also, the ability to look at work issues from a different perspective and better understand why certain people may be behaving in the way they are – what their drivers are and how to address those personality types.

Course: TSE
Name: Mark (Sam) Ingram

Major goal accomplished as a new distributor and the orders placed as I focussed on them. The course also taught me the importance of having a USP, the importance of referrals and things like asking for a sale or working on rejections.

Course: TSE
Name: Kathleen Coen

Enjoyed the various topics discussed each fortnight and how we can each apply it to our respective roles.