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Course: SSTLS
Name: Shaun Albrew

New form implementation and process change resulting from my win/win goals was a good outcome from the course. This course has changed my life more personally than work wise at the moment… I have been able to manage my time at home more and prioritise more at home to make me more benefit to my wife and kids which has raised morale in my house more than can be measurable. It has been a very satisfying outcome for both myself and my wife. I am currently applying a lot of the things that have worked at home to my current role and am hoping for a large change in the way I portray myself to my colleagues and wot k parties in the future. The focus goals was a great thing for me, being able to set small goals to achieve in a small amount of time gave me the most satisfaction. This will lead me to bigger and better goals in the future.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Aaron Cross

I was able to tie up a lot of tasks in the workshop and complete 85% of my win win goals.