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Course: TPE
Name: Paul Coniglio

The class contributions were fantastic and it was great to see the growth in others in the team and how they blossomed by attending The Performance Edge. The goal setting structure via the online website made completing this course very easy, its a good tool to be able to use through out the entire course and allows you to review constantly and achieve your goals. The questions asked of us by Simon were set to challenge us, Simon was always fair but always asked more of us, if something couldn’t be done, how could we over come it. NO was never a word Simon used, but more How. He led by example and was a great facilitator. Zoe was an outstanding course coach. Zoe always made herself available and was flexible to my time which I was so appreciative of. Zoe was very supportive, always happy to help and encourage, even when things seemed a bit tough just knowing the support was there made all the difference to gaining a real edge with this course.