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Course: HPM
Name: Jennifer Goodwin

The course was very good in helping with situations that were happening at work, from bad employees to new recruiting. I achieved goals that I hadn’t normally set prior to commencing the course.

Course: HPM
Name: Christine Chevalier

This course was excellent and exceeded my expectations on every level. Every workshop I attended was enjoyable and I came away with enthusiasm and energy to take back to my work place. I’ve cascaded many of the ideas down the line and am noticing that other staff members are using some of the tools developed for the course. For example, the NEAT meeting planner, the time analysis worksheet, and a number of staff are setting goals and have the SMART Goals signs up to remind them. I was challenged with new ideas and theories and some of my existing ideas and theories were reinforced. This helped enormously as it made me realise that I was already aware of some of what was required to become a High Performance Manager – great confidence booster. This course provided me with great resources which I’ll continue to use I would have no hesitation in promoting LMA to anyone wishing to undertake this training. Deb Hann and Gary Bettcher provided me with so much help and support I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate them.

Course: HPM
Name: Anais Chevalier

I got the most out of attending the workshops and learning from all of the other students. I just can’t imagine doing this sort of course online and getting the same sort of result.