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Course: TPE
Name: Greg Ward

The course couldn’t have come at a better time. Well actually it could have if we had booked in earlier I guess! Big thanks for Dave’s persistence in getting to the course! Given the environment we are in (post EQ) it was a great awakening and boost in all areas. It assisted to lift me above the line (there you go) and refocus on what is important in all aspects. It was great to share with other business that whilst serviced different sectors, shared the same issues in many respects. Most of all it was great to get closer to two of my team including my sister. They are both very capable people whom have huge potential and I hope that the course and our continued learning with give them the confidence to perform at levels that perhaps they felt in the past they couldn’t. We have all learned some valuable skills.

Course: TPE
Name: Andy Youngman

Personally I was somewhat nervous about coming back to the classroom! How ever it didn’t take long at all before I was 100% comfortable with the surroundings/people/content. I cant get over how much of the content I have learnt is not actually rocket science. For me simple things like delegation/planning and prioritization, communication, goal setting and the likes have made huge benefits in my day. As I write this I feel for the first time in ages I have actually had the ability to tidy up my bloody desk! Funny that some of the tasks on my desks were quickly delegated! Another worthy point is that this course has made me think about potentially committing to at least one training course per annum in order to give myself the opportunity to learn more about specific tasks that assist me to grow in my management role. Two of my win win goals that haven’t had the ability to connect with through this course are handling disputes and learning to become a firmer manager. Maybe this is something I need to look into next winter!