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Course: COL
Name: Michelle Johnson

Carlos was great. Lots of hands on experience, made the course fun and engaging. Mixing with people from other companies and sharing ideas. It was good to be reminded of what I am doing is in line with what I should be doing, and to pick up in the areas I have let slide.

Course: LMR
Name: Nikki Murdoch

I enjoyed the discussion during the classes the most, I found these really beneficial to get a greater understanding and better perspective of everybody’s roles and the challenges that they face. Being a part of the largest brands presents its challenges bringing the department together and having the commitment to work as a team. I enjoyed the team environment with the group and meeting other people and developing work relationships within the group. I have been able since the course to also lean on my LMA team for support and exchanging ideas. This as been beneficial as I have been challenged in my approach, problem solving and decision making as well as team management and discipline.

Course: LMR
Name: Murray Scott

Greater focus on HPA – additional 4 hours per week allocated More time spent with teams and self to implement solutions to shift the balance from LPA’s into HPA’s More time spent with teams in directing, problem solving and PLOM generally More time spent with teams on tools available (e.g. change activities) Achieved 75% of the business goals and am 90% complete on my personal goal My team have a greater willingness to provide solutions rather than waiting for direction

Course: LMR
Name: Summer Buckland

I really enjoyed the introduction activities at the beginning of most sessions. For example the IQ test, or circling numbers in order etc. Every activity had a meaning behind it and it lead us in to discussions about the next topic. I really enjoyed this because it was interactive and made you open your mind up to other possible ways of thinking I will continue to read and listen to modules once the course is completed. Each time I read them I learn something new – or I find something that I may have missed previously I learnt so many things about myself and areas that I need to improve. I really need to take the time to listen to my team properly. My team is very large with 10 people so it is going to be a difficult task but with the tools I have from this course – I feel so much more organised. A goal I achieved was to get my team thinking about goals – they have to present a personal and work goal in our weekly meetings. They seem to be really enjoying this which is really positive. I achieved my win win goals – one major one is placing more kids styles with direct factories and increasing orders to Bangladesh. It has been a lot of work developing these factories but the financial results have been great. Another goal I have achieved from this course – was to learn how to block out time and use my calendar daily. This sounds small but it has helped me to become very organised. I was trying to fit too many things in to one day. I was also changing meeting times when I became too busy. I am now strict with looking at my diary and being early to all meetings. My team has noticed this and they have given me feed back that they feel that they have more support when they have time to speak to me one on one in our scheduled meetings. I have started mentoring a PD1 which is really great – I can see that she takes a lot from our weekly mentor catch up. I use these sessions to make sure I know how she is developing, what questions she has – and what areas she would like to improve on.

Course: LMR
Name: Sally Phelan

I enjoyed most the opportunity to interact with my peers and share experience, discuss common issues and forge new relationships. Measurable results definitely the re-focus on my HPA’s which I feel is accelerating the success of my team. I now spend 80 % of my time on these HPA’s and it is going to make a real impact on our business. I have now achieved two of my win win goals : 1) increase sales online 2) full team of buyers on board to aid our global expansion. I have also been able to more effectively coach my team and am starting to see results from this.

Course: LMR
Name: Selwyn Prince

I found the most enjoyable aspect of the course the case study workshops and working with fellow course members in solving problems. A lot of the course material where implemented during these activities. The application of the course material in my daily work environment was also very beneficial

Course: LMR
Name: Peter Smith

I enjoyed the sense of camaraderie with the other participants and also the opportunity to share experiences & ideas with them. I have definitely improved my relationships & interactions with my team as a result of participating in this course. the win/win goal I am most proud of is the goal based around delegation and team structure. this was challenging for me particularly over the last month as the team went through some upheaval on both a professional and personal level. we were able to perform as a team and continue the shipping function due to the work we had done around structure and having a better understanding of each others roles.

Course: LMR
Name: Rob Martin

Some of the best results for me include gaining the confidence to give timely feedback to workers, the realisation that I have been given the responsibility to direct work and to not feel guilty about assigning some tasks to workers. I have gained a lot of time through moving team members up the delegation ladder and they have responded well because of the trust I have shown in them. I have gained great results through actually identifying my HPA’s and using self management to focus more on these activities. By being aware of the “slight edge” I feel I am constantly trying to improve the use of my time each day and generally trying to be more effective and efficient. The knowledge about what motivates people has really helped me to work better with my team. I want to work continuously to develop my team members and increase their job satisfaction

Course: LMR
Name: Mario Pirrottina

From day one the course has directed my path of thinking to a continual above the line approach, and although this is a challenge on its own given that your day/week is made up of many emotions the course teaching you to identify the issue and solve to get the outcome in its most positive way, these are all intern, measurable/tangible/achievable/and most of all enjoyable.

Course: LMR
Name: Luke McLean

In 12 weeks we have been able to set up our entire spring and summer programs through the help of LMA.

Course: LMR
Name: Jodie McMullen

Overall it has been a fantastic journey. I have felt for a big part I have worked independently with little to no involvement from my mentor manager. This is a result of timing, workload and leadership alignment. I feel like I have been a stronger and more dynamic team. I have accepted responsibility in the past for a number of things that should have been delegated amongst the team. I have tried to share the load amongst the team, delegating appropriate tasks to the right people. this has allowed me extra time to focus on my hpa’s. Introducing weekly catch ups to engage with my team on all topics, department objectives, goals, activity, issues etc. This has improved team morale and productivity. I have applied a number of the tools to daily procedures making for an improved productive use of time. I have made cut through with the finalisation of Q3 floor plans, busine
ss direction has changed but I remain focussed on the outcome, we are still weeks away from completion but definitely on the journey.

Course: LMR
Name: Lauren Ogden

This course has helped me both personally and professionally, mainly through changing my attitude to being “above the line” for the majority of the time – it’s amazing how such a simple concept can have such a big impact when it’s in the forefront of your mind all the time. It has also made me realise that my job is not just about me any more, I can’t be selfish and only worry about myself and my work, I have a responsibility to my team and the organisation to take ownership of training and developing my staff to achieve results through them. I achieved all of my win win goals throughout the course, but the one I am most proud of is the introduction of a new Assortment plan tool to my team. It was a big project to create the document in excel, but also a big task to sell it to not only to my team but to the Buying, VM and Supply Chain departments as it is a big change in thinking and a different way to approach the purchasing than what everyone is used to. It has been overly successful though with great feedback from all who have seen and used it, and now other brands in the group are also wanting to implement the tool which is a great result for the wider planning team.

Course: LMR
Name: Peter Dostis

The most enjoyable aspects of the course were the reminders as to the importance of PLOM and focusing on HPA’s. The other success that I enjoyed was that some key goals I had not been able to get completed prior to the course, I was able to complete during the Course. I was also able to provide coaching and mentoring to my leadership team on key concepts from LMA which in turn helped them.

Course: LMR
Name: Susan Martin

I enjoyed the association – having a forum to interact with other people in the business who I wouldn’t have otherwise met. I enjoyed the mental stimulation of formal learning and advancing my education. I feel my biggest outcome is not very tangible – it is a heightened awareness of the opportunity to lift every activity to one degree higher, supported by the structure and tools in the course. The win win goals would have been set either way, and achieved either way – the course put more rigour around them and helped me define them more clearly and drive them to completion. I clarified the importance of finding balance in my life.

Course: LMR
Name: Travis Pearson

delegation was and has been the greatest success for me to better manage my time and work load. Allowing me to forward plan more effectively. The most enjoyable aspect was working with people within the Cotton On organization whom I have never met before, yet finding out how each of our roles can have a dramatic effect on the other. Yet we never talk. Great people, great business knowledge. Goals accomplished – individual team member development – still on going – challenging team members with specific questions to better there resolve – achieved – redefining the mensroom – still on going – planning and organizational strategy for better work life balance, getting home by 7pm 3 night a week – achieved…..

Course: SSTLS
Name: Adam Haynes

The most enjoyable parts of the workshop were being able to discuss the winds each week and talk about how we applied each module from the week before to the workplace. I have learned an incredible amount in regards to how to communicate with my team and my peers. Such strong positive results have occurred in my career just because of this learning and development stage. My relationships at work have improved dramatically and I am finding that my opinions and suggestions are respected and held in a much higher regard. The other area in which I feel I have had a major improvement is my delegation and time management skills. I have more time to focus on my HPAs which, through this course, have been identified and I find I am having a much high ROI rate in spending time on them . . Overall I find that I know have my feet planted firmly on the ground as a Manager and not as someone trying to manage. I feel in control and that I have the answers and processes now to effectively deal with any and all situations that arise for me in the workplace.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Keyte Corey

I have enjoyed and got a lot out of this course, it has challenged me to really analyse and assess how I manage my team and myself. It has highlighted what I am doing right currently and what I can work to improve my skills and my teams skills. The best ideas I have got out of the course are: -How to deal with confrontation. -Time management skills/tools. -How to empower your team and make them feel worthy. -Providing the right coaching training and support. -OH&S.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Louisa Samuelu

Just wish I focused more on Course as my focus was on Work Commitments – & to be honest I was not ready to take this on but when is a good time hence don’t procrastinate lol. I am really glad I completed all my assignments even though it took 1 day.