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Course: COL
Name: Paul Witt

This course has taught me to break my goals down into smaller more manageable focus goals to improve my success rate. The delivery of the course material has been second to none with Kris being engaging throughout the entire course. Overall this course has seen dramatic improvements in many areas of my work and personal life and would recommend it to anyone.

Course: COL
Name: Adam Silvera

For me this course meant confidence. I was able to take what I learnt and put it into practice straight away. The feedback I get from my team is the measurement for me. The most enjoyable part of this course was being able to interact with people from different industries and hear different stories. I accomplished a heap of goals around delegation, listening, taking ideas on board and getting to know my new team. I also completed my project which has brought a whole lot of structure to my work place as well as made people enthusiastic about continuous improvement.

Course: HPM
Name: Matt Sullivan

There were so many good points to take out of this course! Establishing Win Win goals and gaining immediate success upon completion. The change project which has improved the efficiency of our branch. Establishing/identifying High Performance Activities and ensuring your time is spent more on theses activities. Working with people from different industries and hearing about their issues and goals. Training in an extremely positive atmosphere and being pushed to do your best. This course has given me the confidence to complete further training and education to improve myself further.

Course: TSE
Name: Chris Smith

From completing this course I found that it strengthened my areas in Planning for meetings and following up clients after I visited/phoned them. I also improved my time management skills using techniques taught throughout the course. I also found that I was more successful in my conversion rate of sales using techniques like solution selling and relationship building.

Course: TSE
Name: Emma Smith

The most enjoyable aspect of the course was the fact that you are in great group sizes. our group was large enough to get a broad range of ideas per module, yet small enough to not get lost in the crowd and feel that any question could be raised and answered. I enjoyed the focus goals to be set and achieved each module. I accomplished many tasks with these. I was able to measure my success I achieved with this course. with the important/imperative tool, I have now a solid habit of setting tasks each day and prioritising them. I accomplish more on a daily basis. Also the key account development assignment has opened up opportunities to really grow a customer and increase my revenue each month. I also have achieved a higher face to face call rating, which is putting me on the way to regularly achieving this KPI.