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Course: TPE
Name: Michael Julian

For me there were a lot of enjoyable aspects of this course. For one, the workshops were great and the interaction between the entire class and Tracey was awesome – we never knew what to expect next! Also, I personally was put outside my comfort zone a lot and challenged on a daily basis which has helped me in all areas of my life from communication with my family/co-workers to being able to stand up and speak in front of a room full of people – it has helped my personal confidence and self belief a lot. As far as measurable results go, a big one was my time management – even whilst being at class every Wednesday and being away from work for 3 hours I was still achieving the same results (due to prioritising) in that day which is awesome. As a result of this course I am now more driven to set personal and business goals and achieve these, I am also more confident in the work place and outside of the work place. I only have good things to say about this course, the tools provided and the people involved – it has been a great experience and very worthwhile to both myself and my employer.