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Course: COL
Name: Amy Batten

It was great to get together on a fortnightly basis and discuss issues with people in very different industries who often had similar experiences, but sometimes a different perspective. Focus goals were a great motivator. Tracking what I was spending the majority of my time on, compared with what I thought I was spending time on was very helpful. The questionnaires including the LEAD survey and DIAS were very interesting and made me stop to think about things from a different perspective. The presentations by other classmates on the course, goals and projects was very interesting to learn about different industries. The course progressed at a similar pace to my transition into a management position, so I was able to use the tools to identify my HPAs and delegate tasks. Setting KPIs was also a great exercise. I believe that I learnt a lot more from being pushed out of my comfort zone and attending face to face workshops compared to if I had completed a similar course through distance education.