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Course: COL
Name: Rick Stillman

Good course for improving time management. It has also reduced the stress in my life by teaching me how to share the work load and not be a control freak.

Course: COL
Name: Shaun Finnigan

As a project supervisor my team was always changing compared to some of the other classmates who were more office bound therefore it did get difficult to implement some of the forms. The most success I got was the use of the HPAs, my time has freed up to the point I couldn’t believe how I used to operate. My time is more focused due to HPAs and KPIs which has increased my out put and has given me more spare time at work and home. Listening to Mike speak about his life experiences was great to hear and I could relate to what he had to say. Mentoring and training my team to become more successful is one of my priorities now due to LMA and it will be great to put all of what we have learnt to good use in the work place

Course: COL
Name: Glenn Cowden

I found that on review I was already doing a lot of these activities ,but when someone from outside your own organization tells you how well your doing you to start to believe in yourself more and your confidence grows . I enjoyed the interaction with my fellow course members and how we all bounced off each more and more as each module passed I enjoyed the challenges that got thrown up at me ,usually with a bit of initial trepidation but as my confidence grew I took these on board ,particularly the PowerPoint presentations which I had never done before I would encourage anyone who is given the chance to do the course they should jump at it