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Course: HPM
Name: Steve Knights

Most enjoyable aspects: 1. The personal changes effected by the course. 2. The interaction between the group. 3. The challenges that were presented, case study in particular. Measurable Results: 1. Identification of and direction of effort toward HPAs. 2. Delegation of tasks. = More Time. 3. Time Management. Better at avoiding distraction. Achieving tasks within established timeframes. Goals 1. Mail Server Upgrade (Win/Win) 2. Retirement of DC (Win/Win) 3. Secure ICT Upgrade (Win/Win) 4. Increased focus on Work / Life balance. (Personal) 5. Caravan Upgrade (Personal) :)

Course: HPM
Name: Peter Carrigan

The LMA High Performance Management course has revolutionised my thinking as an Engineering Manager – from thinking primarily about technical outcomes, to really focusing on the people in my team. When the people have the right skills, environment, attitudes and motivation, the technical outcomes will follow, and usually at lower cost and schedule than would otherwise have occurred. I have also significantly improved my self management skills, and I have a clear path to developing myself and achieving future goals.