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Course: TSE
Name: Romain Broch

This course made me realise how important sales are. I am a multi cap employee where sales is one part of the job description with technical support, marketing being the others. By taking this course I was able to become an accomplished sales professional which helped me to better use my time in my day to day job. By being more efficient in my sales role I have been able to work on other project in my marketing tasks. The most enjoyable aspect about the course was to interact with other students, to learn from their own experience and challenges. One of the most exiting results is I can see that my customer service attitude is now recognised by my customers and that is partly due to the course assistance in planning and building those customer relationship/partnership. One of my goal was to launch a new product for the coming season and put together a sales & marketing plan. It is completed and now been implemented. We also realised that our distribution model wasn’t suited for that product so having done this business plan also made us open the distribution. Another challenge but a good one to have as I will now be in charge of the management of those key accounts.