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Course: TPE
Name: Robyn (Elaine) Reihana

This course was so rewarding for me I have learnt so much even a words like empowerment I always walked away from the course feeling positive like I couldn’t wait to get back to work and try some of the ideas from the module we were working each week Suzanne you were great you brought the best out of people weather it was in the work place or personal everyone was so comfortable around you I was great. The MUFFINS were GREAT

Course: TPE
Name: Barry Anderson

Biggest advances for me have been in communication style, planning and delivery. Understanding my audience has also played a part. Team dynamic and understanding the concept of MAP has been beneficial. This has enhanced my team and allowed me to alter my management style as we moved through the different steps. Goal planning is valuable. Steps taken to achieve goal have been able to highlight the path. Much of the content in the different modules can be used across all areas of management or in one situation.

Course: TPE
Name: Matt Pope

Overall I found this course to be very beneficial. I have made great improvements in prioritisation and communication. The tools and ideas from the course have been useful (such as the Imperative/Important lists and Discussion Planners).

Course: TPE
Name: Andrew Cameron

The modules focussing on communication and time management were particularly interesting to me personally. The in workshop activity of determining our colours was quite memorable and enjoyable. Also the group activity of investigating ways to improve the Charlotte grove resort and spa was good too.

Course: TPE
Name: Shelley Young