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Course: COL
Name: Jon Robinson

There was no single one thing that stood out as the most enjoyable aspect of this course. The overall learning is what I view as the most positive outcome for me. I went into this course seeking to develop my skills as a contemporary manager – I’m pleased to say that the course has achieved that. I found a number of the course tools are quite useful; eg focus goals, the NEAT meeting planner and some of the project planning templates were helpful. Feed back logs and Imperative/Important lists have also been very useful tools. The HPA exercise was very enlightening in identifying where I spend most of my work time. However, defining HPA’s in a public sector position like mine I found quite difficult because under the capability framework they were too generalised. The course forced me out my comfort zone and put me in challenging situations with my team. I did not like this because I felt I was being pressured into situations before I could adequately prepare. On the up side I have begun to successfully raise the level of trust within my team, relationships have got better and individual performances have improved. The course has helped me to improve my time management skills however this is an area I recognise still needs more work. On the down side, I felt that the course moved too fast. It was pretty much read the material and then immediately implement the new learning and report on it. At times this competed with my work and home priorities. Some of the assignments were also ridiculously too long and repetitive. In terms of goals and achievements, the most important one already mentioned is that my skills as a contemporary manager have improved significantly. My team are working better with improved performances and my work relationship with my manager is more productive.

Course: COL
Name: Robyne Lunney

I really enjoyed the way the course was used in conjunction with my work place and involved my team, underpinning our ‘business as usual’ activities. I got so many ideas of different ways to communicate with individual team members and how to turn the negative into a positive. Looking at change through the prism of ADAPT and the stages we all go through – seeing the team come up with great ideas in the middle of difficult change situations. Decision making and Problem solving especially provided me with some ‘Eureka’ moments Our team meetings are now much better. Considering ways to better use our annual and biannual work reviews and increase feedback to the teams and keeping feedback logs. Involving the team in looking at our training needs and considering how to develop and meet these needs. I have a great deal to do on delegation and career development for my senior team members and now have the tools to hopefully undertake this more successfully. My time management skills have improved and my focus about what is important has also shifted significantly. At the moment our work place is going through significant change and uncertainty and I feel much better placed to deal with this and hopefully provide support to my manager/mentor now I have more time for HPAs through the achievement of my win/win goals.

Course: COL
Name: Lee Reimer-Madden

I found the course to be applicable to any industry – our group of participants were from all areas of industries, from Government to the private sector, etc. but everyone could relate the topics back to their workplace. Our facilitator Susan was fantastic! She is so bright and happy and really makes the course enjoyable, we had some good laughs. From the course, I’ve applied better time management skills, creating my own ‘hour of power’ at work so that I can reduce interruptions for that period of time. The topics of motivating staff and leading through change were perfectly timed, as my department/whole agency was, and still is, going through major changes, so the ADAPT process was very effective. My workplace project is ongoing, however it was through this course that I identified areas requiring attention to assist in the transition of merging departments, loss of staff and resources. The result has been that a project team has been assembled to work on opportunities for the growth and development of our organisation from a regional perspective.

Course: HPM
Name: Grant Halvorsen

Required me to evaluate my personal goals, the motivators of my colleagues, and client and business expectation. The course provides tools that, as far as practical, promote alignment, this has resulted in a more productive and most importantly personally enjoyable work environment

Course: HPM
Name: Peter Davis

I enjoyed the course and the mix of people in the course workshops. Practical examples discussed during workshops was great.

Course: MHP
Name: Peter Osborne

• The interaction with the other course participants – so much more learned from tem as well as the course. • A renewed vigour and excitement for my work and profession. • Recognition from my director on how valued my leadership input into our division is regarded.

Course: NMP
Name: Dianne Dal Mas

I really enjoyed the challenge of completing the course as I have not completed a formal training course for over 30 years. The course was easy to follow and both Lars and Ross always gave me encouraging comments. I really enjoyed the class atmosphere and everyone was encouraging. I now feel confident in undertaking a project using the tools learnt in the workplace project i.e.., project management tools. I feel more confident in my job and am able to delegate and communicate with my staff better. I completed all of my goals and am about to put in place more goals to strive for.

Course: NMP
Name: Paul Murtough

As follows; – I enjoyed the group meetings at each workshop and the network I feel it has opened up to me within DSF. – The easy access to information via FBOL. (See also comment in section 8 below) – I have been able to measure at least a 10% improvement in my Time Management. – A far greater awareness of “Thought Leadership” – I have made myself and eventually enjoyed / benefited from reading broadly outside of the LMA course structure on Leadership. I read 7 books in all over the time frame of the course. So far! – Better Delegation & Communication skills. – Looking for the slight edge is now a habit. – The benefit of Smart Goal Setting. BUT……overall the main benefit from the course has been it has made me think on how I can develop my core professional focus on developing my “Ideas solution focus” via ‘Thought Leadership”. Also by developing my ‘Growth Mindset” I have found a never ending source of opportunities have been opened up to me. I am confident I will look and find success in whatever I put my mind to. LMA has helped me to develop this awareness of what is possible and then to stretch myself higher to achieve better. Thank you!

Course: NMP
Name: Wayne Austin

Enjoyable parts – Getting away from the 5 day stretch of normal work and attending the workshops themselves. I was able to relieve some of my stress and do some assignment work on the train to and from. Also the friendships that have been established through participation in the course. Group photo for sure for prosperity, perhaps even a re-union in 5-10 years time to see how participants have progressed. Goals that I accomplished – I think I had 8 or more Win-Win agreement business goals all of which I achieved except for one which was a contract in dispute and is dragging on a bit due to the matter being referred to the senior executive. As everyone would, there were approx. 15 personal focus goals and
15 business focus goals that were also achieved through the time of the course. Total these and you get around 38 (possibly more) goals achieved. Achievements – hopefully graduation certificate and statement of attainment from attending the course, both of which can be seen as a positive for future job progression. It was un-fortunate that towards the end of the course, my position as acting Team Leader ceased due to a restructure within our organisation and I am now in my substantive position of Project Officer. In saying this, I think some (if not most) of the topics in the modules will be invaluable in my future work and the way I implement things (managing projects and people).

Course: NMP
Name: Luke Carey

The course content and facilitators easy style, and the coach’s follow up comments. The value of learning and study and my ability to take that challenge on again was personally fulfilling. the people I learned with and from, we were a very dynamic group and all participants gave their expertise and ideas willingly and participated enthusiastically.

Course: NMP
Name: Charandeep Singh

Being a very hands on approach rather than reading from the text book in the workshop it was a more interactive scenario with all the participants sharing practical experiences which are very easy to remember and relevant. This course channelized the scattered approach towards managing my work and streamlined into a more focused approach. Being able to understand the power of delegation and using delegation effectively has been of a tremendous benefit.

Course: NMP
Name: Stephen Robinson

I found the course to be very useful in a lot of aspects but there was a lot of information that did not relate to my current employer. I found that as a result of the thing learnt I have been able to improve my working day and make it more productive.

Course: NMP
Name: Alicia Scanlan

I have achieved many successes, I enjoyed the class sessions getting ideas from class mates and Lars. The tips and form available to use within the work place with staff or for myself were in valuable I have become a more confident manager then before attending this course I am a better communicator with all levels of staff More time efferent.

Course: NMP
Name: Emma Sharkey

I really got a lot out of the fortnightly sessions. I learn more in a group setting, and our group established a fantastic rapport, quite early on. Since starting the course I have developed and implemented quite a complex and challenging project targeting traders who specifically target disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of Aboriginal Australians. We have obtained some reliable evidence, and are working at obtaining enforcement outcomes by early 2013. I have also significantly reduced the number of hours I spend each week dealing with other staff members’ issues. I am better able to delegate tasks, and have been encouraging staff to seek their own resolutions before coming directly to me. I have estimated that I have freed about 4 hours per week for me to focus on my own HPAs. Personally, I have also made some significant changes. At the beginning of the course I was doing absolutely no exercise and was perpetually tired and stressed. Since starting the LMA I decided to join a judo class, and am now exercising at least 3 times per week (I have my yellow belt now), and am significantly less stressed and have more energy. I also said that I wanted to sell our investment property because of the financial pressure it has put us under. We are due to settle on 28 November 2012, and I am over the moon!

Course: NMP
Name: Allissa Shortland

I enjoyed the learning environment, the open discussions and group sessions to discuss our different opinions of each module. Being part of smaller groups to complete tasks was difficult to achieve with the varying work locations and departments. I feel doing this gave a level of achievement when the task was complete and a realisation that it is achievable to work well and share knowledge with other departments. I will continue to use the ‘Best Idea’ in any future training/learning I am involved in. This tool made me look for the best idea out of each module and see how I could use it in my workplace and what benefits I would gain from doing so. I can see the benefit to myself and the organisation if I continue to use this tool.

Course: NMP
Name: Rebecca Twyford

I have been able to free up many hours of my time each day my through the tools in this course, just this alone has been invaluable to me as a manager.

Course: NMP
Name: Julie Wright

The most enjoyable aspect of the course is the actual workshops and the ability to discuss the modules with the other participants and the Facilitator. If the course was solely via correspondence you would miss other perspectives of the modules and not absorb as much. As the workshops are set at regular intervals it helped me to keep motivated to complete the assignments on time so that the assignments I was working on were relevant to what we had recently discussed. Overall the course has allowed me to ‘think outside the square’ when dealing with problems or making a decision and not to be afraid of change.

Course: NMP
Name: Ewa Dziwniel

exchanging best ideas of any given module, its practicality in our workplaces. This course empowered me in more and stronger skills to lead/manage group of people I’m responsible for at my workplace.