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Course: LMR
Name: Laura Pettifer

I was apprehensive about starting this course, as I wondered if I’d really have the time to dedicate to getting the assignments and reading completed. To my surprise, this course was more relevant to my position than I had anticipated and I found myself eager to engage and practically apply what I was learning to my job. I benefited from the 7 day focus goals and felt a sense of achievement with these small successes. I had thought before the course that I was already an organised person, but I’ve now taken the time to assess what I do each day and I have identified a number of ways my time is wasted and how I can now be a more valuable asset to the company by focusing on my HPA’s. By having the opportunity to complete this course with my own senior staff, it has developed a more productive working relationship between many of us and now see’s us understanding time demands and handling complaints more effectively. I also feel that this course will see greater development in all staff now that the leaders have an understanding of the importance of delegation.

Course: LMR
Name: Bret Lacey

Whilst I was quite hesitant about the need for this course, I was exceptionally surprised to learn how relevant it was and how much of the course was very much aligned to what I do. It was easy to apply the principles and gaols to my workplace. I have a clearer understanding of the importance of my high payoff activities and how I can better structure my day to ensure I spend more time on these activities. I found the modules relating to delegation, decision making and problem solving particularly interesting. When you learn more about these types of actions and how to process them, I find you learn how to manage your day more productively. Highly recommended course and well done !!

Course: LMR
Name: Renae Johns

I got a lot out of this with respect to scheduling time to spend with my staff. Upon reflection I have also realised that I have more influence over the team than I gave myself credit for. This course has been great and I plan to re-read all the content of the handbook.

Course: LMR
Name: Dee Downie

I was really excited when I achieved a goal that I had set whether that be personal or job related. It made me realise that I do have the ability to set achievable goals which are relevant. I did not set very easy goals so I did have to do some work on achieving those goals which I enjoyed.

Course: LMR
Name: Michael D’Elia

I found the course workshops to be interesting, fun and challenging. Marty asked specific and open questions to get us thinking of what behaviours we currently displayed and how that was portrayed not only to ourselves but to others. He encouraged us to challenge ourselves and others in our daily work performance and interaction and was generally enthusiastic and passionate about the subject matter. I found the online work to be difficult, tedious and monotonous. I did not have significant time to spend working on it during work hours and because of this I found I was constantly trying to do it in my own time. Difficult to get motivated to do this when you are clearly not enjoying that component of the course.

Course: LMR
Name: Sheena Waters

The only goals I have been able to achieve have been the focus goals, as my win-win goals are still in progress. A lot of the assignments were difficult to apply to my current role, however will be very beneficial for my future work as a supervisor.

Course: LMR
Name: Kerrie Frank

When I first started by only formal training had been through Corrections Victoria. Which I had completed Leading CCO and Senior CCO training it does not assist in showing you how to manage staff. This course was able to train me to properly step up and be a manager. It gave me some good techniques that I was not taught through any of my training with DOJ. Since the commencement I feel that I am much more confident in my role-and have been able to address some of the issues in my working environment with my staff. I often listened to the cd’s thinking yes, that is what I feel like, or yes this happens in my office. I will take away with me some of the techniques to improve my time management and effectively manage and lead my team better.

Course: LMR
Name: Kelly Nicol

Focus goals – gives me one thing to focus on and achieve within a week. Achieving these goals motivated me in setting goals each week. I have gained skills in leading my team by better managing myself. Being supported by manager/mentor, facilitator and course coach in setting win win goals and identifying areas where I can improve my management skills. Self belief that I can be an effective leader and have the skills required, or am willing to address areas that need to improve.