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Course: COL
Name: Baden Busby

Going into the course I was quite sceptical, but after a few group sessions I could already see some benefit. This was not only from the course material, but also from sharing ideas with the others in the group.

Course: COL
Name: Dean Fisher

I have learnt to take time and understand listen and the take action and also ask staff for positive feedback. I have started to build a trust and change old culture into new positives for the team. Also communication being open with staff and working with them for a positive result for all involved.

Course: COL
Name: Dave De Olivera

My time management has definitely improved from the time I began this course, my methods to better manage my staff during some testing times, either through cross training or changing of areas within the warehouse, but one of my main changes that I’m proud of is the improvement of team moral overall. Spending time with Paul Johnson was extremely enjoyable and if I was fortunate enough to participate in any other training with Paul I would know that not only would I discover new skills for my job, but in life itself.

Course: COL
Name: Nazife Erener

LMA course improved my time management and communication skills.

Course: COL
Name: Ellie Loh

The friendliness and enthusiasm from Paul Johnson being the facilitator has increased the interest of course participants. Goal setting through action steps is imperative to ensure succeed in life. Even though most of us have our core duty in our role but not many realized what the HPA should be and ROI where the employer is expecting. Focusing on HPA helps me in executing my role more efficiently. Delegation of task not just allowing us to focus on our own HPA also able to upskill team members, create better career advancement.

Course: COL
Name: Ofa Teaupa

The interaction within the group meetings and the way Paul helped each person to contribute. Shy ones like me had to share and the more extravert had to learn to wait for me. – very encouraging.

Course: COL
Name: Lloyd Piper

Overall I enjoyed the course and found the content very relevant to my role. At first I found a lot of the material and information in the course to be common knowledge, however its how they get you to use and apply this information and material which I found extremely beneficial. The biggest surprise was that this was not only applicable to work but I have found it very beneficial within my personal life as well.

Course: COL
Name: Christine Ewan

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and looked forward to the class sessions which have been like therapy for me. I’m going to miss the interaction with the group and the sharing of good ideas. I’ve grown as a mentor and manager. The techniques and skills learned during this course have been life changing after 20 years I finally have a good life / work balance.

Course: COL
Name: Jodie Cocking

I had a team member that did not want to be there. I had tried everything I could think of and nothing was working in fact his attitude and behaviour was appalling. Through using the ” I ” messages in a performance appraisal forum we began a discussion that has completely changed his attitude to work and his colleagues. The man working in my team now is well liked and respected. The change has been remarkable.