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Course: COL
Name: Michelle Katebi

Meeting with other people completing course monthly to discuss modules was one of the most enjoyable aspects of this course. It also provided previously unavailable networking opportunities within my business.

Course: HPM
Name: Graeme Mayne

enjoyable; For me I have leant the principals that capture the environment I work in and now have the knowledge and ability to align with the broader business I work in. I have also upskilled in people management. Measured results; project outcome and the process to complete this / self management and goal setting aspect has visibly and measurably improved my ability to manage time and tasks Goals, I have achieved all the goals I have set myself by allocating HPA’s and time to achieve them. Predominantly I have achieved to implement my course project and have set a number of short goals along the way that I have allocated time to achieve. Overall I have achieved being a better high performance manager and well on my way to continued improvement overall.