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Course: LMR
Name: Scott Willis

By establishing a organisation structure chart, which did not exist, made it easier to identify roles required and those that could possibly fill those roles. This reduced the amount of reports to each person and made clear lines of communication for all. This has made a massive impact on the business and made things move quickly in the direction required.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Max Laycock

This course has been very helpful to me and has given me a lot more of an understanding about my role in the work place. While participating in this course I have learnt better communication skills, my team listens to me more, because I tend to listen to them more and I ask them to do things nicely instead of ordering them to do things, like I used too. My communication with my managers has also improved; we spend more time talking things through, planning, and making each other aware of what’s happening in the factory. Giving me a better understanding of what’s happening in the office and also giving me more time planning big jobs before they come out onto the factory floor. I’m also more confident in voicing my opinion with my peers. I have also learnt how to delegate a lot more efficiently. By delegating aspects of my role it has given me the opportunity to concentrate more on my HPA’s. Through delegation I have been able to reallocate at least 4 hours a day onto my HPA’s which has made a great improvement for my production through out the day.