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Course: COL
Name: Aaron Penter

I really enjoyed how Adrian made it easy to understand the material and fun to learn. Without his enthusiasm and his desire for me to learn and get everything I can from this course was a real help. Because of this I was able to use some of the course material in my job but it was hard due to the fact that I don’t have any staff under me. I was able to identify the increased communication between me and my fellow staff members. The main goal for me was being able to have a positive attitude even when there is negative behaviour or a tough job. I had a personal goal that I haven’t discussed. I have a big fear of public speaking. But now I have the confidence to speak in front of a class room

Course: COL
Name: Steven O’Connor

I accomplished all of my personal goals and the most enjoyable aspects of the course were the challenges that I set myself to do even if the help wasn’t their from my manager mentor I was still able to keep focused on the job at hand the measurable results were the new phone system that I had implemented from the ideas box that I set up as a win-win goal and the first staff meeting that I organised the attendance was a lot higher than I had expected