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Course: COL
Name: Martin Barber

I found that the combination of learning and applying the knowledge to be an extremely useful tool. Rather than just being told to read something, to actually apply it in your working life is a great way of reinforcing the benefits it will bring. In terms of measurable results, I guess the most important one is time management and being able to do more in the same working day that I have always worked. Not so measurable but equally important is the fact that I am a very much more above the line thinker and tend to go out and do something if it needs doing, rather than putting it off. I achieved some great goals which are now in place at my workplace, most recently, a dedicated marketing campaign applying specific focus on certain suppliers to Dimac.

Course: HPM
Name: Paul Fowler

My need for a course that was not focused on learning but the “application of knowledge” gained during the course was paramount prior to signing up. This course has comprehensively delivered on this key requirement of mine. Having a documented notion of what my time is worth and then deciding on the best six activities I could be doing at anytime has been powerful and fruitful. We also have a new and emerging language around our office and one of the key phrases is “HPA’s”

Course: TSE
Name: Dimitrios Peristeris

As part of my win win goals I now have a dedicated business introduction letter outlining our USP’s which is used as a resource to generate leads and fill the sales funnel. I have introduced a new and efficient format in the way I capture information during site visits, and in the same process have eliminated duplication by using this document as a way of reporting on my interstate travel site visits to my Manager.