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Course: HPM
Name: Sajid Jaffarulla

I would like to take this opportunity to thank LMA and Jennifer Leslie for making sure that , all the concepts are explained clearly and in a more practical way. A year back – I was an individual who never used to set goals and objectives , Now LMA has given me the reasoning behind as why it is important and also the right set of tools for me to showcase the skills. I am more confident and also I take time to listen to people and also respect different ideas across the tables. It is all about people management for me and LMA has given me lot of skills in regards to that aspect. Enjoyable Moment : > The real satisfaction that , all the guys in our team had put lot of effort and have transformed through this period. Measurable Results : > I set objectives and goals – work on HPA and delegate the LPA when required. Achievement : Knowledge , and Skill – it is priceless.

Course: TPE
Name: Sameer Mohamed


Course: TPE
Name: Co Tran

Concepts very clear and easy to apply. Ability to pick and choose different concepts and see if it works in practise Class interactions and experience are good. Hearing stories from different people in different industries.

Course: TPE
Name: Yashvir Mungur

Through this course, I have been able to re-calibrate certain bad habits into productive ones and taken the time to slow down and do certain things better rather than rush to get everything done. This course has also now provided me with a sound base to advise to others that there are certain tasks that are outside of my HPAs and hence will not be driving all my focus unlike in the past, where I accepted every task and responsibility.