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Course: TPE
Name: Kevin Dhiren Munisamy

Our Facilitator created the right atmosphere for learning, discussion and genuine interactions among team member. Loved the energy, enthusiasm and passion. It was a real buzz and pleasure to go to the lectures. Great participation from the fellow participants; great learnings from each others experience. Course content was well structured. With the first three modules improving productivity, creating results, module 4 (communications) building relationships and bonds, Module 6/7 creating team synergy and emerging as a leader. Interdependence cannot be achieved without first building results and getting respect from team. Without good communications and relationships, it is not possible to build team synergy and empower people. Accomplishments -Effective team plan of action to win million dollar worth of new business for company. -Team commitment to keep to plan. -Effectively do my HPA’s with emphasis on results; bottom-line approach by tying it to my KPI. -Job purpose finalised. -Joined toastmasters and delivered a total of 5 presentations without aids including spontaneous table topic speech. -Won business with three customers. -Setup a system to continuously improve my fitness level. -Improved delegation skills: Spending less time on account management by delegation. -Maximise results by working on team synergy through increased delegation and building of win-win relationship -Successfully completed inspection and commissioning of fans for a major new customer who gave good feedbacks. -Re-established relationship with one customer.

Course: TPE
Name: Alexandra Gray

Making the realisation that I am valued in the work force. That I should be allowed to say ‘no’ to tasks and take control of my work load

Course: TPE
Name: Vinod R Pillai

Listening to everyone’s experiences. Learning from their experiences and taking on board new ideas. I have become more focus and goals and high priority tasks.