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Course: TPE
Name: David Packer

I loved relating to similar minded people with common challenges in the workplace. Even if we were not given fantastic tools to implement from the course, have open discussions and as a group coming up with resolution to problems was great. Personally, now I believe I am much more efficient in the workplace and I am implementing these processes with my team, to make an overall successful environment. Overall – enjoyed the course thoroughly.

Course: TPE
Name: Leigh Davidson

I really learnt the value in goal setting from this course. In particular being ‘forced’ (for want of a better word) to set out the goals, plus more importantly the action plan; is something that really does allow you to focus and plan appropriately. I believe this should be taught in primary school!!! I have also used action plans for each of my HPAs to not only keep track of my work and plan accordingly; but also to ‘prove’ that I am doing my job, and to show how much I do complete, and what is expected of me. Sometimes, those in senior management do not know what you do and may not see direct results of your work. This provides great proof for those tough “I want a pay increase” discussions!!