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Course: HPM
Name: Adam Howe

I was able to refocus my attention on my HPA’s and I was able to develop new ordering systems, new stocktake, new OHS, I implemented daily and weekly meeting to discuss issues sand events coming up in the future.

Course: HPM
Name: Mark Ward

I found the entire course very interesting. this the my first position in management so everything was new to me. This course have given me more confidence.

Course: HPM
Name: Craig Skimming

The course has enabled me to focus on goal setting and win-win agreements and this will be a valuable tool in the future. Using a variety of tools during the course with my team members to achieve better outcomes in quality of work, performance and motivation of employees in general. It was great. To be in this course for each session to learn more about the leadership team at the Club as we travelled along in this journey. We are a better team and a better Club as a result

Course: HPM
Name: Dan Cook

treating my staff better for: staff retention staff engagement staff moral staff productivity every thing to do with my staff being better at work and attitudes is up !!!!

Course: HPM
Name: Cathy Neagle

Without repeating myself I think the course has been invaluable in focusing the team, bringing us together to understand and relate to each other. I am happy the team will complete it and have gained so much, to me that made it so worthwhile.