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Course: LMR
Name: Sam Roose

By and large, it was very enjoyable to learn from other managers and their situations in a one on one brainstorming scenario and also the team tasks during workshops where solutions were achieved with a meeting of minds. Achieving action steps within Win-Win goals was also fulfilling. I started out on the management course doing no exercise outside of cricket on Saturdays and now bike or run when the opportunity presents itself. I have allocated much more of my time to promotion (HPA1) and have become significantly more aware of other HPAs such as management of engineers and training and feel I can devote the right amount of time to them when stepping fully into the role later this year. My time management in terms of short term prioritising and day planning has improved significantly. I now regularly have a prioritised list in the morning to allocate time to rather than starting out cold and needing to remind myself at 8 am of what needs to be done. I now meet regularly with engineers and delegate to them much more effectively. I would like to further improve the time I get home at night, however I was able to have a very enjoyable 2 week holiday in an exotic location in April, which I feel lucky to have experienced.